EP2 boys and girls have been preparing this day for lots of weeks! The English TR@MS project has been a real success! We have video called a school from Igualada and talked to their EP2 students in English. It was a good opportunity to use English in a real communicative context. We learnt their names and ages, their favourite colours and animals, the names of their teachers, etc. The students were very nervous and excited, but they did great!

The Easter Bunny has visited Ginebró!

“What a surprise! It’s only one week until Easter holidays, and we have had a very special visitor in Infantil… The Easter Bunny!! We read a story in English about him and a very funny cat, and after that, we found some Easter eggs hidden in our class! Thank you, Easter Bunny!”

EI5 does English+Yoga!

“EI5 are learning animals in English, and this week we decided to do a Yoga session to learn some animal poses. The students followed instructions in English to do the poses correctly. For example: – Stand on one leg and move your wings like a flamingo -. You can try it at home!”

EP1 Create families!

“EP1 students are learning about family members. They have created imaginary families in groups. Can you spot mums, dads, grandpas, grandmas and babies? Take a look at their amazing results!!”

Science experiment in English!

This week we celebrate Science Week at school. EP2 students did an experiment with hot, cold and lukewarm water. First, we put one hand in the hot water and the other hand in the cold water. After 1 minute, we put both hands in the lukewarm water. What happens? What do you feel? TRY IT AT HOME!

EP3 Scrabble spelling game

EP3 students played a spelling game with scrabble letters to practice vocabulary about animals’ body parts. They did a competition in groups and spelled words as “feathers”, “tail”, “whiskers” and “claws”. They had so much fun, and learnt a lot too!