Our town project

Welcome to our own towns!
EP4 students have designed imaginary towns in groups as part of our project “Places in town” in the English class. Each group decided the name of their town and how the town is, what is there and what isn’t there, important places to visit, etc. They have worked really, really hard, and look at the amazing result! Good job!

English video call

The day has come! EP2 students have been practicing really hard for this video call. We did an exchange with another school, Escola Sant Gervasi, talking only in English. We have practiced personal questions and answers such as “What’s your name?” , “Have you got any brothers or sisters?” or “Can you play a musical instrument?”, etc.
It was really fun to see that when we talk in English we can understand each other!! Look at their faces, they look so focused!

Job riddles exchange

EP3 students are learning about jobs in the English class. Since this year classes A and B can’t get mixed because of the pandemic, we decided to send each other our own job riddles. Every student made a description of a job and then the other class tried to guess which one it was. To make it even more interesting, we made a contest with our Hogwarts houses to have a winner!

Doctor, doctor!

EP1 has been having a lot of fun lately pretending to be doctors and patients in the English class. Here you can see some examples of a simple role play we have been practicing, watch!

Jobs in English!

EP3 students have started a project about jobs. We are learning to talk about jobs using short sentences, and this is a game we played last week. It’s a puzzle where students have to find the correct words to describe each job. It’s a very useful activity to learn the structure of a sentence in English. They played in teams of 3 or 4 students and had a great time!

Christmas card project!

We have finished the trimester with great news! Today EP3 students received Christmas cards from students in the UK! We have been working on this exciting project for a while now, in which we exchange Christmas cards in English and in Spanish with students from England. Take a look at this video to see what is it about.

We stay home and practice English!

While students from Ginebró are staying home, they are practicing their English skills in many different ways… Check this video out to see them singing, dancing, drawing and talking in English! Well done, and keep practicing!

EP2 English video call!

The day has arrived! Students in EP2 have been practicing really hard for this day. We did a video call with a school from Barcelona as part of a project from TR@MS in English. First, we sent each other videos showing our schools. Then, we practiced asking and answering personal questions in the class, and now, the last step: talking with each other face to face! Some of their comments after this activity were “It was so cool!”, “We all liked the same colours!” or “I was very nervous but it was so much fun!”.

EP2 shows our school for a TR@MS project

Another year, EP2 is participating in a tr@ms project in which they will videocall another school from Barcelona talking in English. The first step of the project is to show each other our schools, and here are the videos we have prepared for them. We can’t wait to see theirs!

International Christmas Project!

EP3 is doing a new project this year! We are doing a Christmas card exchange project with a school from England, where the students are learning Spanish. We made a video in Spanish to introduce ourselves, and soon we will receive a video in English from them. Later, we are going to design Christmas cards in English and send them via mail to the other school, and they will do the same in Spanish. Here you can see our video. We are so excited to participate in this project and there is still another surprise coming up… Stay tuned!