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International Profile


International Profile

Escola Ginebró fosters the internationalisation of learning through Erasmus+ programmes for practicums in Europe and Batxillerat High School to have studies recognised in the USA.

Erasmus Plus

Scholarships awarded for practicums in businesses in Europe

The aim of the Erasmus+ programme is to meet the teaching and learning needs of university and higher vocational training students. It offers mobility opportunities for students and teachers to foster learning, cooperation, innovation and the exchange of good practices abroad, primarily in Europe.

The programme is the EU’s response to today’s social and economic challenges. It is part of a coordinated strategy for growth and employment called Europa 2020, of which education and training form an integral part. Investment in education and training are considered to be of key importance to developing personal potential, acquiring new skills and enhancing employment prospects.

Here at Ginebró we are currently in the process of gaining the Erasmus Charter (ECHE), a requirement for all institutions based in countries in the programme that wish to form part of the Erasmus+ programme.

The goal is for students in higher-level training programmes to be able to earn scholarships for practical placements in foreign companies in Europe, and also to work towards teachers being able to join mobility programmes in the near future.

To learn more about Ginebro’s internationalisation goals, please read the school’s Erasmus Policy Statement.

Batxillerat High School

The double qualification that allows studies to be recognised in the USA

From the 2018-19 academic year onwards, Escola Ginebró offers the Batxillerat High School, enabling students to gain double high school qualifications in the Spanish and American systems. This is an official qualification recognised in all states and at all universities in the USA.

Students enrolled on the Batxillerat High School will have to study a series of subjects concerning American language, culture and history online, apart from Ginebró’s own subject courses. The programme involves an extra cost, which includes distance group sessions and individual meetings with teachers of the additional subjects, in order to reinforce knowledge, clear up doubts and improve students’ English. Moreover, Ginebró will assign a tutor here at the school to supervise each student.

The programme has two goals: on the one hand, to open doors for students interested in pursuing higher education in the United States. On the other, it help to improve students’ level of English, as well as using new technology in a multicultural environment.

The Batxillerat High School can be done in 2, 3 or 4 years, and is aimed at students currently at lower secondary school, as studying for the double qualification is recommended between 3rd year of ESO (lower secondary) and 1st of Batxillerat (upper secondary).